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Wesley Garlick, Esq., Founder, Counsel for Kids

Wesley Garlick is the founder of Counsel for Kids. Mr. Garlick has a passion for representing students' educational rights, and works tirelessly to ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed within an appropriate educational program and placement. Mr. Garlick currently provides representation of his clients throughout Due Process proceedings (including Resolution Sessions, Mediations, and Due Process Hearings). Mr. Garlick also provides representation at IEP meetings, Manifestation Determination meetings, Expulsion/Disciplinary Hearings, as well as Admission Hearings.

Mr. Garlick’s interest in assisting special education students began in law school, where he had the opportunity to serve as a legal intern at the Disability Rights Legal Center. Following his graduation from Chapman Law School, and passage of the California State Bar, Mr. Garlick had the opportunity to represent special education families and students, serving initially as an associate attorney at the law offices of Augustin Egelsee LLP, and subsequently as a partner at the Economou Law Group. Throughout all of these experiences, Mr. Garlick has worked with the sole purpose of assisting students and families, and attempting to provide all of his clients with appropriate educational supports and services.

Mr. Garlick has additionally sought out opportunities to speak to local parent groups regarding the rights of special education children, and possible strategies that can be utilized by parents to obtain appropriate special education support services for their children.

Claudia Aguilar, firm coordinator, Counsel for Kids

Ms. Aguilar has extensive experience assisting both families and legal personnel with education based legal matters. Ms. Aguilar also is frequently in communication with the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH), school districts, and individual school sites to ensure that all of our clients are provided with the highest level of legal representation. 

Ms. Aguilar enjoys networking directly with families, and others within the special education community at a number of educational events, and special education trainings throughout Southern California. Her enthusiasm for assisting families in need can be seen on an everyday basis, and is evident through her communications with both clients and staff. Ms. Aguilar's belief is that "the children we represent should be treated as if they were our own".  

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